Guestroom Phones

Telecommunications For Start-Up Hotels

Are you opening a new hotel? Whether you’re a chain or a boutique, your telecommunications system will play a vital part in the success of your new venture. See our guide to getting started with your telecommunications system, here:

Telecommunications Services For Your Hotel

When designing your IT package there are a number of services available. Each of these services can be integrated to form a comprehensive package that will cater for all of your communication needs. These services include:
  • Hotel TV - Hotel TV systems are important not just for entertainment, but also to allow your business to grow and deliver...

Key Considerations When Designing Your Hotel’s Phone Network

For hotels, communication networks are a vital part of their service offering. Not only will a hotel telephone system allow customers to reach and engage with your accommodation, it will also play a pivotal role in providing excellent guest service.When implementing a new hotel telephone system, or upgrading your existing one, there are a number of key considerations to navigate in order to get the perfect package for your business. See some of our top recommended considerations to think about in the planning of your new network:#1 Turnaround TimeIs your new telephone package something that can be integrated over time,...

A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Guest Room Phone

Guest Room Phones are an important feature of any hotel room and one which can make the difference between guest satisfaction or disappointment. But with such a huge range of guest room phones, how do you know which one is perfect for your hotel? Find out more about some of the features available and which handset is most suitable for your business, here:#1 Digital DisplayImpress your guests with the latest in smart technology. Our digital display phones allow your guests to view key messages and features on the phone. The Jacob Jensen T60 is ideal for hotels, with programmable...

How Telephone Systems Can Improve Your Business

Telephone communications are one of the main interaction points for your business, and quite often act as the first touchpoint a customer has with your company. This means that it’s vital your telephone system is efficient and that you ensure you have an up-to-date network that can meet your requirements. Find out some of the top ways in which a telephone system can improve your business:

The Benefits Of Business Telephone Systems

Improve Client Experience

Long waiting times, poor reception, no clear hold music or expected waiting time notifications…all of these poor service experiences can have a huge negative impact on a client’s...

5 Ways Our Solutions Can Help Your Hotel

As digital technology becomes an increasingly important part of customer experience within the hospitality industry, hotels need to ensure that they invest in modern and innovative tech solutions to meet their guests’ expectations.At Orbiss, we offer a wide range of services including Business WiFi, Hotel TVs and Guest Room Phone Systems. Find out some of the top ways in which our solutions can help your hotel and the advantages that these investments can bring to your business:

1. Gather Valuable Insights From Guest Data

Turn your customers into a vital marketing tool with the use of guest social connect portals. With our...