Case Study: Lympstone Manor

Installation of guest entertainment systems in 32 rooms of the Lympstone Manor Hotel for new owner Michael Caines... more

Case Study: Royal Over-Seas League

More than 80 rooms fitted with Ethernet connectivity over the existing coaxial cabling... more

Case Study: Trebah Gardens

Trebah Garden is a very busy attraction and our IT infrastructure is crucial to keeping it all running smoothly... more

About Orbiss

Phones, internet, entertainment:
let’s make them work.

For more than 35 years, we’ve helped hotels and businesses make their technology work harder – communicating better, and offering customers more, to gain a vital competitive edge.

During that time, we’ve learnt a thing or two, like how not to disturb your customers and the importance of always being available when you need us. How any new system needs to fit the way you really work (not the other way around) and why a feature’s only valuable if you’ll actually use it.

Our customers trust us to help with their telephone systems, handsets, guest room and TV entertainment, WiFi and IT support.

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