Hotel TV

Hotel TV

“Orbiss have installed a fantastic integrated system that allows guests to view information about the hotel and dining, use their Android or iPhones to stream straight to the TV, or purchase movies if they wish.”

Michael Caines, Lympstone Manor

An effective Hotel TV system will allow your business to grow and deliver an outstanding guest experience that will help your organisation stand out.

From useful information such as the latest weather forecast, details of nearby restaurants, hotel services and more, to providing access to interactive entertainment, as well as social networking, catch up TV, news and music streaming apps that can be accessed through your TV just as you would through your own device – we can help you offer a more personalised, in-room experience, fully customised to your branding.

And the best part? Our chosen solutions can be managed from one, centralised location, allowing you to wave goodbye to room-by-room updates. Instead manage, maintain and update your TVs simultaneously. Are you ready to save time and effort in labour and maintenance costs?

Expert TV Management Solutions

Ensure guest comfort with our quality TV management systems. At Orbiss, we specialise in bringing guest-room entertainment to hundreds of hotels throughout the UK. Our dynamic TV solutions enable you to control multiple TVs throughout your premises from one central hub and display customised content through a friendly and intuitive user interface.

Stylish Hotel TV Displays

Our sleek hotel TV displays are supplied by industry-leading manufacturers, including Phillips and Samsung. These versatile content hubs provide slim, interactive screens that will impress your guests and provide crystal-clear visual displays.

Cross-Channel Connectivity

Our flexible technology solutions allow guests to stream their devices to TV giving them complete control over viewing behaviour. With strong connectivity, our network ensures that there won’t be any interruptions when guests are streaming or mirroring their devices – giving a seamless viewing experience.

Hotel TV Digital Signage

Your TV screens can have other advantages – forming part of your marketing strategy and acting as crucial digital signage around your property. Display your message in style with a cost-effective form of brand communication. Schedule your displayed content to display promotional messages and features such as parking information, hotel menus and more as needed.

Our Process

Once you choose to implement Orbiss’ industry-leading TV solutions, we’ll assign you a dedicated Account Manager. Our team will be on hand to discuss the design of your TV system and the advanced features that your property requires. We’ll be able to advise on the most suitable solution and interface for your hotel, before installing your new system with ease.

Why Choose Orbiss?

At Orbiss, we have over 35 years’ experience helping hotels – from boutique independents to famous chains – make the most of their TV and communication systems. We’ve experienced first-hand how smart display features can deliver outstanding customer experiences, which leads to a positive growth in business. Our expert team install your equipment with care and are on-hand to offer maintenance and support to guarantee your systems remain reliable. Invest in our industry-leading solutions today and see how we can help your hotel today! Call our team on 01872 561 656, email or fill out our enquiry form, here.