Hospitality WiFi

Hospitality WiFi Services

Deliver outstanding customer experience and improve your hotel IT infrastructure with our managed Hospitality Wifi solutions. With our reliable hotel wifi, you can cope with the demands of business operations and guest expectations – whether it’s reliable internet for streaming video or business travellers using their hotel rooms as a virtual office. Our efficient network solutions enable you to provide an excellent service that will help your hotel grow.

Expert Hotel Wifi Providers

As a business within the hospitality sector, you might have anywhere between 2 or 2000 devices connected to your network at any one time. Your wifi needs a set-up that can flexibly cope with this demand – providing a consistent service throughout. Our reliable hotel services will guarantee stability and guest satisfaction, no matter how busy your network.

Find The Perfect Hotel Wifi Solution For You

At Orbiss, we take care of the whole package — giving you secure, flexible technology that’s easy to manage. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when deciding which kind of broadband connection is right for you. We’ll talk you through three main kinds: ADSL, leased line and superfast fibre, finding the perfect solution to meet your requirements. Find out more about our hotel wifi solutions and their benefits, here.

Hospitality Wifi Installation

Implement your new wifi infrastructure without interrupting existing business operations. At Orbiss we understand the need for business operations to run smoothly and with minimum interference to your guests’ experience. Our efficient consultants will design and install your hotel wifi seamlessly, ensuring that the impact on your business is minimised and guaranteeing a smooth transition to your new system.

Guest & Social Portals

Turn your guest wifi into a valuable marketing opportunity with our dynamic guest portal solutions. Gather a wealth of data in exchange for access to your wifi facilities and turn these insights into personalised targeted information for your customers. Find out more about our guest portal solutions, here.

What To Expect

When investing in a solution delivered by Orbiss, you can be confident that our specialist team will handle all aspects of the project efficiently. After an initial consultation our engineers will work with you to design the best hotel wifi solution for your organisation. We’ll identify unique challenges, such as obstructions to signal and coverage of all areas of your property. Following this your dedicated Account Manager will work towards a quick and effective installation and help you understand the opportunities that your new network can provide. We understand that a reliable internet connection is essential for any business, which is why our national network of trained engineers are on hand for all-year-round support.

Why Choose Orbiss?

Orbiss are an industry-leading hotel wifi provider, guaranteeing internet performance for your business, no matter what your requirements. Our engineers strive to offer comprehensive support and maintenance, ensuring that you can rely on our services to provide consistent and quick-speed coverage. Taking into account your bespoke challenges, we plan your network to include coverage for even the smallest devices – providing a seamless wifi experience for your guest throughout their stay.

Get Your Hospitality Wifi Today

If you’re a business within the hospitality sector looking to implement a dynamic wifi solution, get in touch with our friendly team today. Contact us now to discuss your requirements and book an initial consultation. Call our team on 01872 561 656, email or fill out our enquiry form, here.