10 Reasons To Use External Business IT Support

Business IT is a core part of your company’s infrastructure and it’s vital that you ensure your system is running effectively. But how do you know whether to host your IT department internally or outsource to a professional IT support business? See some of the benefits of outsourcing below:

Benefits Of Outsourcing Your IT Support

#1 Cost-Effective Outsourcing your IT support is highly-cost effective. The expertise provided, IT performance and ability to tailor your package means that you can end up getting a much higher ROI than using other avenues, such as investing in a permanent in-house IT department. #2 HR Resourcing With external business...

A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Guest Room Phone

Guest Room Phones are an important feature of any hotel room and one which can make the difference between guest satisfaction or disappointment. But with such a huge range of guest room phones, how do you know which one is perfect for your hotel? Find out more about some of the features available and which handset is most suitable for your business, here: #1 Digital Display Impress your guests with the latest in smart technology. Our digital display phones allow your guests to view key messages and features on the phone. The Jacob Jensen T60 is ideal for hotels, with programmable...

3 Reasons To Invest In Hotel TV

Hotel TV can be a huge factor in the enjoyment of your hotel for guests. Both in-room TV and displays around your hotel common areas can provide much-needed entertainment or valuable information for your guests. The design of your TV are units are also important - a sleek and clean aesthetic will impress guests more than a clunky TV unit. Find out some of the key reasons to invest in a modern hotel TV system for your business:

The Benefits Of Investing In Hotel TV

#1 Delight Guests With A Personal Experience A stylish new TV system will delight your guests, providing a...

How Telephone Systems Can Improve Your Business

Telephone communications are one of the main interaction points for your business, and quite often act as the first touchpoint a customer has with your company. This means that it’s vital your telephone system is efficient and that you ensure you have an up-to-date network that can meet your requirements. Find out some of the top ways in which a telephone system can improve your business:

The Benefits Of Business Telephone Systems

Improve Client Experience

Long waiting times, poor reception, no clear hold music or expected waiting time notifications…all of these poor service experiences can have a huge negative impact on a client’s...

5 Signs Your Business Needs to Invest In Wifi

Keeping your organisation connected is one of the most vital parts of daily business operations. A poor WiFi package can mean the difference between business success, growth and advancement or failure. But how do you know if your organisation’s WiFi is performing to standard? And can you recognise the signs that you need to invest more in your Business WiFi infrastructure? See some of our top tips for recognising when your WiFi is underperforming, here:

#1 Your Business Is Suffering Slow Loading Speeds

One of the most obvious signs of poor WiFI is slow loading speed. Not only do slow loading speeds lead...