How Data Can Improve Your Hotel

It doesn’t matter whether you have a small boutique hotel or a much larger establishment, marketing is vital. This doesn’t simply mean posting a blog every once in a while, it means using collected data to create a successful marketing campaign.

Boost Hotel Marketing Efforts With Data

There are a lot of opportunities for a hotel to collect data, ranging from data collected during guest check ins to data collected during client calls. If the WiFi network uses a guest portal, data can also be collected in this way. However, not all hotels are utilising this data and using it in the way they should. Of course, this data is extremely helpful in regards to knowing who is staying at the hotel at any given time. However, it’s also hugely beneficial when it comes to marketing.

With so many hotels to choose from, it’s important that your hotel stands out and is noticed by potential guests. Regardless of the type of hotel you have and the location, marketing is a key way to attract people. Though you are sure to know that search engine optimisation and social media marketing are vital, you may not realise just how big a part data can play. The data a hotel collects can be used to fine tune and tailor any marketing campaign. It gives you a good understanding of who the average guest is – in regards to age, gender and the reason for their stay – and this gives you a target market. Rather than marketing to a large and varied audience, you can tailor all marketing efforts to a specific audience. Not only is tailored marketing a lot more effective, but it helps a hotel to engage with the people most likely to make a booking.

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