Lines & Calls

Cost Comparison: Lines & Calls

It’s likely that costs have fallen since you last signed a phone contract and that we could find you a better deal (to find out for sure we just need to see a recent phone bill). The communications market moves quickly and the best deal even a month ago could be well over the odds now. Because we manage so many business and hotel telephone systems, we’re in touch with the leading suppliers on a daily basis and therefore see all the best deals on offer at any one time. We are able to offer competitive pricing on all services including Leased Lines, Business Broadband, Fibre, VOIP and SIP Trunks, Analogue Lines and calls.

Could you be saving up to 87% with internet lines?

In many cases, businesses and hotels can also make dramatic savings by changing their type of phone line. Making some calls internet-based can have a huge impact on your bill – the tricky part is doing it without affecting your business. That’s where our experience comes in.

Whether you’re moving to another supplier or making the move to internet-based lines we can handle your switchover, ensuring you have a totally seamless service with no interruption to your telephone or broadband. You’ll also benefit from our UK-based support 365 days a year. There’s no passing the buck between companies – just one named contact who will handle your enquiry until it’s resolved, keeping you informed throughout and giving excellent customer service.

Why not get in touch to discuss your options and ask us to compare your bill, free of charge, to see how much you could save?