Hotel Phone Systems

Telephone Systems for Hotels

The role of a hotel telephone system has changed dramatically since the rise of smart phone technology – with guests preferring their mobile phones over traditional hotel systems. But don’t be fooled – even though it’s no longer a direct revenue-earner, choosing the right telephone system is no less critical to your hotel’s overall success, whether it’s traditional, hosted or a cloud based solution or taking advantage of overhead savings using SIP.

Why is a Hotel Phone System Important?

Having a flexible and modern phone system is crucial to the growth of your hospitality service. This system plays a variety of roles in your hotel’s economy – from delivering outstanding guest experience, to integrating with your CRM system, it’s important that you choose the best hotel phone system to suit your individual requirements.

Bespoke Phone System Packages

Our effective hotel phone systems have a range of features to help support your business. These innovative solutions include:

  • Voice mail boxes for guests
  • Wake up calls – automated or manual
  • Check in and check out facilities
  • Conferencing calls
  • Direct and room-to-room dialling
  • CRM integration
  • Call queuing
  • Room booking/moving room features
  • Call charging and routing
  • VoIP
  • Call recording
  • Credit card integration
  • Door entry & door phones
  • Multilanguage for international guests
  • Child monitoring for families

We can create the ideal telephone network for you that incorporates as many of these features, and more, as needed.

Advantages of an Efficient Telephone System

Our innovative phone systems can benefit your business in a number of ways. By integrating with your existing CRM system, you can gain a granular overview of your guest booking information to offer unparalleled experience – greeting guests by name and utilising vital data to deliver outstanding customer service. Improving your current hotel phone system can increase productivity and reduce the time-exhaustive resources of manual tasks, saving your hotel money in the long-term.

Our intelligent phone systems support multiple members of your team – from general managers, to receptionists and housekeepers, right through to your office administrative team and event management department. Your telephone system can contain unique features that help each of these roles in their performance. Find out more by speaking to our consultants today!

Enhance Your Guest Experience

Our efficient telephone systems allow you to deliver an outstanding class of service that will leave guests delighted. Handle enquiries effectively and offer a personalised service that will stand out in your audience’s mind. The details and advanced features that our telephone systems offer will impress guests and give them a seamless experience whilst staying in your hotel.

Our Process

Once you choose to utilise Orbiss’ smart telephone services we’ll assign you a dedicated Account Manager. Working closely with your internal team, we’ll identify the main opportunities and solutions that a new system can deliver, before designing you a bespoke package to meet your requirements. Our team ensure that the implementation of your new system is as hassle-free as possible, minimising the impact on business operations.

Why Choose Orbiss?

At Orbiss, we have over 35 years’ experience helping hotels – from boutique independents to famous chains – make the most of their telephone systems. We’ve experienced first hand how smart features can help hotels delight customers… and book more rooms. Invest in our industry-leading solutions today and see how we can transform your hotel now! Call our team on 01872 561 656, email or fill out our enquiry form, here.