Hold Music & Messages

Hold Music & Messages for Businesses

Hold Music & Messages for Businesses

Even if your customers are only waiting on hold a few moments, they’ll judge you by what they hear. Is it cheesy factory music, or something that really reflects your brand? Is your message using wording that makes sense to your unique audience and is it both appropriate and profitable? At Orbiss, we can produce professional hold messages that will delight your audience and achieve your business goals.

Professional Hold Message Services

At affordable prices, take your phone system from standard to standout by creating branded, tone of voice messaging. We offer a professionally recorded voice prompts and music on hold for any telephone system, giving your callers a high quality sounding experience when they call you. You can create all your messaging needs online. 50+ languages are available with a 5-day turnaround service. Get started today!

Improve Customer Service With Hold Messaging

Make sure your audience stays engaged with our tailored music and messaging. With our system, you can ensure that there are fresh messages played to your callers, instead of repetitive looped music that may be off-putting to your customers.

Deliver Marketing Messages

Our voice messaging packages are an ideal opportunity to convey key marketing messages to your audience! Our experts can help you advise on clear call-to-actions and effective marketing scripts that will help grow your business.

Voice Messaging

Keep your clients informed, improve customer experience and deliver clear marketing messages with our effective voice messaging packages. We handle every aspect of the process, from creating scripts to producing your clip with our professional voice announcers.

Hold Music

Use licensed music mixes to keep your customers engaged and positive during periods of waiting times on your phone system. Our professional music tracks are tailored to your brand tone-of-voice, ensuring a message that’s consistent with your brand and the expectations of your audience.

Holiday & Out Of Office

Don’t leave your customers guessing! With our holiday and out of office recorded messages, you can tell clients exactly when to expect a reply from your team. Turn your messages on and off as needed during holidays and periods of absence.

Why Use Orbiss?

At Orbiss we guarantee effective and professionally-voiced phone announcements that will delight your audience. Our dedicated team work closely with your own internal employees to fully understand your brand tone-of-voice, the key messaging you want to convey and the aims of your business communication systems to ensure that we craft dynamic hold music and message clips that will help you achieve these goals.

Create Exciting Hold Music & Messages Today

With our quick turnaround service you can have your hold music and messaging designed and produced within 5 days, ensuring your business can quickly benefit. Get in touch with our friendly team today to discuss your requirements and get started!