Hotel WiFi

Managing Hotel Guest WiFi Access

“Orbiss have upgraded our WiFi so that all our guests can access the Internet – wherever they are in our hotel. Everyone expects that kind of service these days – whether they’re on holiday attending business meetings, events or other functions. Orbiss have been very easy to work with and we’re very pleased with the system they’ve installed.”

Legacy Hotel Victoria

Many hotels still hand over their wireless internet provision to third party companies in an effort to keep things simple – missing out on all kinds of opportunities that could otherwise be benefitting their business.

At Orbiss, we make it easy for hotels to manage their own guest WiFi access – allowing them to make the most of the advantages that come with controlling the whole experience. By using the latest technology, you can have the flexibility to set up your guest internet, your way.

The Advantages:

Maximise revenue opportunities

Fine-tune your own pricing model – whether you want to offer free access as an added benefit or booking incentive, offer some initial minutes free, or vary your rates by time, data or download speed. The solutions we offer are completely flexible, and a piece of cake to run.

Manage your bandwidth

If too many guests download big files or stream video at once, everyone’s access slows down. With other systems, your only options are to restrict their access, or pay for a faster line. With ours, you can limit download size, or offer higher download speeds at a premium for those who want it most.

Integrate branding, video & FoH

The systems we offer can be customised to match your branding, set your own terms of use and integrate seamlessly with your front of house system – allowing full personalisation and convenient, transparent inclusion on your guest’s room bill.

Nobody knows your hotel – or your guests – better than you. We can give you the flexibility to manage your WiFi access exactly how you want.