Business Phone Systems

Business Telephone Systems

The communication policies that your business has in place can have a dramatic impact on your growth and success. One of these primary communication channels is telephone calls.

The way that your company chooses to handle this communication reflects on your credibility and trust with clients. How quickly did you answer? How smoothly was the call handled? How was your attention to detail? In short – a simple phone call can be the defining factor in how valued a customer feels. As such, it’s vital that you ensure your business has a professional business telephone system in place. At Orbiss, our industry-leading telephone solutions can help you achieve this with ease.

Flexible Business Telecommunication Systems

Our bespoke professional business telephone systems are more flexible than ever – helping you stand out from the first ring. Investing in our innovative systems gives your business access to a host of features that will help improve productivity, increase customer satisfaction and streamline business processes. Our packages are tailored to your unique business requirements, supporting you in achieving your individual goals.

Dynamic Telephone Network Design

Our experienced specialists are skilled at designing telephone systems that will delight your customers and impress your peers. We can incorporate a range of features into your network, including advanced call handling, personalised settings, call diversions, remote working and more. Our communication architects will work closely with your internal team to understand your business challenges and design a system that overcomes this. Find out more about our network design, here.

Expert Installation Services

Working efficiently, our implementation team can get your network up and running swiftly – meaning your business can get connected, quicker. We work carefully to ensure that there is minimal impact to business operations and that your current systems are integrated seamlessly to prevent any disruption internally.

Standout With Engaging Hold Music & Messages

At Orbiss, we don’t overlook any attention to detail! We understand that it’s important that every touchpoint for customer interaction is consistent and engaging, which is why we deliver outstanding branded tone-of-messaging and music for your telephone systems. Learn more about creating your unique messaging solutions, here.

Trusted Maintenance Packages

Our expertise extends beyond telephone system design and implementation – we can also support with the long term running and maintenance of your network. We work flexibly with your business to ensure that your telephones are working optimally, prevent the risk of issues and minimise impact on your business. Find out more about our bespoke maintenance packages, here.

Our Process

Once you choose to invest in Orbiss’ business telephone services we’ll assign you a dedicated Account Manager. Working closely with your internal team, we’ll identify the main opportunities your new system can offer, as well as analysing any business challenges, before designing you a bespoke network to meet your requirements. Our team ensure that the implementation of your new telephone system is as hassle-free and efficient as possible by working to minimise the impact on business operations.

Why Choose Orbiss?

At Orbiss, we have over 35 years’ experience helping businesses from a range of sectors make the most of their telephone systems. Whether you need help choosing and installing a new business telephone system, would like to improve your on-hold marketing or require a maintenance contractor to ensure your system stays up and running, we can help. Why not take a look through our services shown above or give us a call to discuss things further?