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Hotel TV Management Systems

Guests’ expectations about in-room entertainment are changing, fast. It’s increasingly difficult for hotel owners to match — let alone exceed — the experience customers are used to at home.

In a competitive market, guestroom television is no longer enough. Guests want on-demand services like BBC iPlayer, BBC News, ITV Hub, Netflix YouTube or Spotify — or to view their own content, mirrored or streamed from a laptop or mobile device.

At Orbiss, we’ve spent decades bringing guest-room entertainment to hundreds of hotels throughout the UK — so we understand the unique needs and challenges of providing great hospitality. We’ll work discreetly, minimise disruption to guests, and can help you get the best possible value from your investment.


Hotel TV management solutions we currently offer:

Samsung LYNK REACH 4.0

Compatible with all Samsung hospitality displays and any new or existing infrastructures, the Samsung LYNK REACH offers a convenient hospitality TV solution that enables hotels to control multiple TVs throughout their premises from one central location.

Display customised content to your guests through a friendly and intuitive user interface that is fully branded – offering fast access to content for guests and simplified management and maintenance for managers.


Accommodating Coax, LAN and WiFi users, this solution is compatible with any existing hotel infrastructure.

Simplify content creation and deployment, as well as reduce labour and operating costs with a single-source management system.

Monitor the performance and usage trends of your displays from one, central location.

Deliver a more personalised in-room experience to guests, providing real time information that is relevant to them.

Offer guests the same interactive entertainment, social networks, news and music streaming apps that they can access on their own devices.

Philips CMND

Beautiful displays and stunning signage are only as good as the systems that manage them. CMND is an end-to-end solution for connected professional displays that lets you do everything simply, centrally. Whether you have one display or 1,000. It simplifies system deployment (CMND & Deploy). It helps you oversee system operation, system updates and maintenance (CMND & Control). It drives interaction and personalisation. And it does all this, all via one drag and drop interface. CMND means more engagement, more uptime, less frustration and lower cost of ownership. Enjoy complete display management from one, centralised solution. CMND lets you control your connected displays and update settings quickly and efficiently. Best of all, CMND makes it easy to design and create compelling content.

With CMND & Control, you’ve got full control. Update firmware, change settings, and more – all of your display management is consolidated over one system.Smarter, faster and more intuitive than ever before, the Android OS opens up an infinite world of possibilities. With a wide range of apps, you have the power to create the perfect configuration for your display needs.Power your business with the most developed operating system on this planet. Philips Professional Display Solutions include the Android OS, giving you full control of your apps and connectivity. Versatile by design, get the most out of your displays with this powerful SOC and the enhanced connectivity capabilities it comes with.
Smarter, faster and more intuitive than ever before, the Android OS opens up an infinite world of possibilities. With a wide range of apps, you have the power to create the perfect configuration for your display needs.


Further TV Management Solutions

Other popular TV management solutions we offer include Otrum – with its seamless user experience across TVs, tablets and smart phones, sales opportunities, flexibility and ease of use and Nevayacast Powered by Google Chromecast. To find out which of our solutions best suits your requirements, get in touch.

Content Mirroring

In an age where many of us travel with a range of entertainment stored on our phones, laptops and tablets, it’s important to allow guests to enjoy their own content from the comfort of their hotel room.

We offer a range of options for content mirroring – allowing guests to mirror their devices on their hotel TVs quickly and easily. Get in touch to discuss the right solution for your requirements.