Design & Installation

Choosing The Right Hotel Telephone System

Having worked with hundreds of leading venues and hotels to design, implement and maintain telephone systems that are a real asset to their business, we can help you choose wisely, finding features you’ll use and avoiding ones you won’t.

Great hospitality means more revenue

Integrate your telephones with your CRM or front of house system, giving guests the ability to do everything from ordering food to checking out, using their in-room handset. Simple touches – like Reception already knowing their name when they call – can make a guest smile… and think about you first next time.

Convert enquiries into bookings

Automatic routing for most important calls, seamless mobile transfer and customisable direct dial and voicemail settings instantly make managers, functions and weddings teams more responsive. That creates a great impression of your customer service and attention to detail, and ultimately brings in more business.

Maximise impulse business

Integrating your phone system with your website enables things like “click and dial” Skype calling… which makes it far easier and more attractive for overseas guests to get in touch, ask key questions, and make a booking on the spot.