Hotel TV

3 Reasons To Invest In Hotel TV

Hotel TV can be a huge factor in the enjoyment of your hotel for guests. Both in-room TV and displays around your hotel common areas can provide much-needed entertainment or valuable information for your guests. The design of your TV are units are also important - a sleek and clean aesthetic will impress guests more than a clunky TV unit. Find out some of the key reasons to invest in a modern hotel TV system for your business:

The Benefits Of Investing In Hotel TV

#1 Delight Guests With A Personal Experience A stylish new TV system will delight your guests, providing a...

5 Ways Our Solutions Can Help Your Hotel

As digital technology becomes an increasingly important part of customer experience within the hospitality industry, hotels need to ensure that they invest in modern and innovative tech solutions to meet their guests’ expectations. At Orbiss, we offer a wide range of services including Business WiFi, Hotel TVs and Guest Room Phone Systems. Find out some of the top ways in which our solutions can help your hotel and the advantages that these investments can bring to your business:

1. Gather Valuable Insights From Guest Data

Turn your customers into a vital marketing tool with the use of guest social connect portals. With our...

Bring your own content – Hotel TV

With the decline of traditional Video-On-Demand (VoD) systems and an increase in content streaming through our own devices, it has never been more important for hotels to move towards a more ‘connected’ room offering where guests can enjoy a ‘home from home’ or even ‘better than home’ TV entertainment experience.