3 Reasons To Invest In Hotel TV

Hotel TV can be a huge factor in the enjoyment of your hotel for guests. Both in-room TV and displays around your hotel common areas can provide much-needed entertainment or valuable information for your guests. The design of your TV are units are also important – a sleek and clean aesthetic will impress guests more than a clunky TV unit. Find out some of the key reasons to invest in a modern hotel TV system for your business:

The Benefits Of Investing In Hotel TV

#1 Delight Guests With A Personal Experience

A stylish new TV system will delight your guests, providing a personal experience that will set your hotel apart. Our new Hotel TV displays are high-end, with the ability to transform a dull hotel room into a modern oasis. The TV units work smoothly and contain a host of advanced features, including details of the latest weather forecast, interactive entertainment and more. The systems deliver a clear and crisp AV experience that will leave your guests wanting more.

#2 Improved Marketing Capabilities

Your new Hotel TV system is the ideal place for running marketing promotions. Videos and promotional messages can be displayed on one or a host of your TVs on your premises as desired. You can also use the displays to make announcements, or for specific functions such as advertising the latest offers in your hotel restaurant, or encouraging guests to sign up to day trips from the hotel.

#3 Time Effective

With your new Hotel TV system you can manage and update all of your TV units from one centralised location. The user-friendly interface is easy to navigate and makes uploading data or updating features a quick and hassle-free task, saving your team time and reducing the need for time exhaustive training.

Invest In Your Hotel TV System Today

At Orbiss, our experts have over 35 years’ experience helping a range of hotels, including boutique independents and famous chains, make the most of their TV and communication systems. Our advanced TV systems and smart display features can deliver outstanding customer experiences that will set your hotel apart.

The benefits of a new TV system can have a huge long-term impact on your business as a whole, leading to positive growth in your hotel. Our expert team can design and install your new system efficiently, without impacting on your daily hotel operations. If you require support and maintenance for your TVs, we can create a bespoke package that ensures we’re always on hand. Invest in our industry-leading solutions today and see how we can help your hotel today! Call our team on 01872 561 656, email hello@orbiss.co.uk or fill out our enquiry form, here.