Business Telephone Systems

5 Uses Of Telecommunications To Transform Your Business

Excellent communication is a key element of any organisation. Consumers and workers are now fully accustomed to everyday life with technology and have high expectations when it comes to business communications. Using fast, effective and innovative business telephone systems can help you improve a range of areas in your business.

 #1 First Class Customer Experience From that very first call a customer makes they are making a judgement on whether you are a company they can trust and it can all come down to the smallest details. From answer time to hold music and the efficiency when switching to a...

How Telephone Systems Can Improve Your Business

Telephone communications are one of the main interaction points for your business, and quite often act as the first touchpoint a customer has with your company. This means that it’s vital your telephone system is efficient and that you ensure you have an up-to-date network that can meet your requirements. Find out some of the top ways in which a telephone system can improve your business:

The Benefits Of Business Telephone Systems

Improve Client Experience

Long waiting times, poor reception, no clear hold music or expected waiting time notifications…all of these poor service experiences can have a huge negative impact on a client’s...

Our new partnership with PromptVoice

We are very proud to announce that we will be working alongside PromptVoice, the leading telephony voice prompt company. Specialising in providing telephony companies with professional, high-quality voice prompts and on-hold messaging, PromptVoice is trusted by some of the biggest telephony brands in the UK — including O2, Vodafone, and British Telecom (BT).

Choosing the right phone system for your business

The way you’re able to handle telephone calls tells customers a lot about how you run your company, leaving an impression that could make the difference between winning or losing a potential client or contract.