Keep Your Business Working Remotely

As Covid-19 affects industries across the world, businesses are being forced to adapt to survive. Organisations with huge corporate networks are now needing to be flexible and ensure that they have the right infrastructure in place to enable their teams to work remotely. Make working from home easy with these top tips:

#1 Provide Remote IT Support
If your employees have any issues logging on from home, or operating your network’s software, then it can severely impact your team’s productivity. A remote IT support team will be able to enter your network and resolve IT issues quickly, no matter where in the world you are. With a managed IT support package, your network is also monitored 24/7, allowing the remote engineers to spot issues in advance of them adversely impacting your business.

#2 Ensure Your Network Is Secure
With employees logging in from across the world, and many using multiple devices and connections, it’s vital that your business remains secure. Use secure IT solutions and cloud software that will keep your business covered.

#3 Invest In A Business Phone Network
If your team is going remote, then you’ll want to keep your business phone network in place. Enjoy a secure remote solution that doesn’t need huge amounts of hardware, and keep your most vital features like integrated software, call forwarding, call transferring and analytics. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our remote business phone packages.

#4 Invest In Reliable Hosting
As all business turn to their online presence, it’s more vital than ever that your website doesn’t go down. Some businesses may be experiencing unprecedented levels of volume to their websites, making it important that they have the hosting in place to support this. Get a reliable hosting package that will ensure your website remains up and running at all times!

#5 Live-streaming & Conferencing
With all events and meetings moved remotely, it’s important that your business has the live-streaming capabilities to continue communicating internally and externally to key stakeholders and audiences. Invest in high quality video streaming equipment for key speakers now and keep your organisation connected globally.

Get Support Taking Your Business Remote
Do you need support setting up a secure infrastructure for your business to work remotely? Our Managed IT Support packages and Business Telephone packages will ensure that your business keeps working efficiently, no matter where in the world your team are. Get in touch today to find out more!