Business WiFi

The Vital Reasons Your Business Should Be Offering Free WiFi

Despite the world becoming more connected than ever, some businesses are still split when it comes to offering their customers free WiFi. Businesses can choose to keep their WiFi private, make it available at a cost, or offer it entirely free. See some of the reasons that abandoning charges could be good for helping your business grow:#1 To Increase Brand AwarenessNaming your WiFi network after your business is a great way for building brand awareness, so that visitors in the vicinity are aware that you’re offering internet. By providing free WiFi you’re also giving users the opportunity to share content...

5 Signs Your Business Needs to Invest In Wifi

Keeping your organisation connected is one of the most vital parts of daily business operations. A poor WiFi package can mean the difference between business success, growth and advancement or failure.But how do you know if your organisation’s WiFi is performing to standard? And can you recognise the signs that you need to invest more in your Business WiFi infrastructure? See some of our top tips for recognising when your WiFi is underperforming, here:

#1 Your Business Is Suffering Slow Loading Speeds

One of the most obvious signs of poor WiFI is slow loading speed. Not only do slow loading speeds lead...

Why You Should Invest In Business IT Support

With IT forming an integral part of business growth and productivity, it’s important that businesses invest enough time and resources into their systems. For many businesses this can be difficult - which is where outsourced IT support can help.See some of the vital reasons that your business should invest in managed IT support, and the various benefits that these services can bring to your organisation:

#1 Ensure Data Is Secure

Having an expert team on hand, able to react promptly to any issues, means that security processes are increased around your data. Business IT providers use industry-leading secure solutions, including data encryption,...