The Vital Reasons Your Business Should Be Offering Free WiFi

Despite the world becoming more connected than ever, some businesses are still split when it comes to offering their customers free WiFi. Businesses can choose to keep their WiFi private, make it available at a cost, or offer it entirely free. See some of the reasons that abandoning charges could be good for helping your business grow:

#1 To Increase Brand Awareness

Naming your WiFi network after your business is a great way for building brand awareness, so that visitors in the vicinity are aware that you’re offering internet. By providing free WiFi you’re also giving users the opportunity to share content from your business with ease – such as uploading and tagging photographs.

#2 To Push Offers

You can customise your portal welcome screen, which is ideal for promoting your latest offers and events. Greet your WiFi consumers with tailored content that you want your audience to be aware of. Guest portal pages are an ideal marketing tool for your business.

#3 To Improve Customer Sentiment

Rewarding your customers with free WiFi is a perk, and adds to positive brand sentiment. These feelings will improve customer loyalty, which can have a huge impact on the growth of your business in the long-term.

#4 To Provide A Reason To Stay

If you’re a hospitality business then guests that stay longer equal more profit! By providing free WiFi you’ll be giving your visitors a reason to stay longer, which also gives you an opportunity to sell more!

#5 To Attract Customers

Entice visitors to your business with the offer of free WiFi. Many freelancers and business owners looking for a meeting place will pass by any venue without WiFi. Offering free internet will make your business a prime destination for customers.

#6 To Gather Valuable Data

Internet portals can bring a huge potential for your business! Gather valuable marketing data which can be used to present marketing opportunities and insights that will help your business grow. Speak to our team today to find out how you can gather relevant data that will help your company.

Learn More About Business WiFi Today

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