2019’s Telecommunications Roundup

From insights, trends and the latest technology, check out our summary of a successful year for telecommunications. To make sure your tech savvy when it comes to business telephone systems in 2020 we’ve done our research and got the lowdown. Read our roundup of whats happened and what’s happening…

Telecommunication Trends of 2019

#1 Cloud Based Phone Systems
What’s not to love about this dynamic, efficient and low cost telephone system! Cloud has been a trend for some time and it certainly won’t be losing its relevance anytime soon. There are so many clear advantages such as scalability, low cost models and topline business features. Businesses who have upgraded to this system have some huge improvements.

#2 VoIP and WebRTC
2019 saw the merger of VoIP and WebRTC. Originally launched in 2011, WebRTC has now become the future of VoIP and has allowed for a larger scope of potential. Areas such as instant calling from websites or live video support can now be achieved with the assistance of WebRTC.

#The Rise of Unified Communication
UCaaS (or unified communications as a service) offers the opportunity to integrate multiple communication methods through a single cloud provider, effectively streamlining your workforce with the ability to deliver rich communications everywhere, to any device and from any device. From hoteliers, to banking or education this system of communication was big in 2019 and continues to rise.


Stats & Statistics – A round up of what’s important when it comes to your phone systems in 2020.

Customers still expect that hands on experience which cannot be obtained through platforms such as social media or email.

#1 65% of people prefer to contact a business by phone call versus only 24% who prefer a web form.
#2 75% of consumers believe that phone calls will help them get a quicker response from businesses.
#3 Consumers prefer face-to-face interaction (23%) or talking to a real person on the phone (40%) for their issues.
#4 37% of people use their smartphones primarily for making phone calls.
#5 64% of businesses believe customers should always have the option to talk to an agent.
#6 60% of companies say that phone systems and live agents are their most urgent investment priorities.

Telecommunications – What to expect in 2020?

#1 5G
The highly anticipated roll out of the 5G (5th Generation) network. Currently available mainly through broadband providers and with varying roll outs having taken place towards the of 2019, the next year is where we will see the impact of this new network. 5G will benefit businesses and aid evolution in every industry by making communication on the go easier than ever. Industry leading telephone systems such as cloud based setups will benefit from increased efficiency with remote working and the option for network slicing centred around a companies needs.

#2 AI Technology For VoIP
Many businesses purchase a VoIP solution for its ability to set up advanced call routing or use auto attendants to handle their incoming calls. The use of AI can even mean your auto attendants can inform on a customers mood and needs before their call is answered by your employee. These services can help to provide a more customer focused service and help speed up communications as a whole, whilst also optimising call handling.

#3 Chatbots & AI
In summary, chatbots deliver artificially intelligent responses to customer questions and queries. Now one of the most advantageous digital trends for many industries including corporate and hospitality. Chatbots have the capability to answer simple questions without human involvement. For example, a well known hotel chain have recently introduced an AI robot which responds to human speech and answers questions. Solutions such as these to improve customer experience and improve workforce productivity are set to rise in 2020.

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