The Secret Behind Good Business WiFi

It doesn’t matter the type of business you have or the industry that you work in, good business WiFi is important. So much of what a business does relies on having a strong WiFi connection, from day to day operations to helping guests get online. However, having good WiFi as a business isn’t as simple as choosing a standard WiFi connection and hoping for the best. There are certain things you need to do to ensure your business WiFi works as well as you need it to.

Top Tips for Good Business WiFi


  • Prepare for Enough Website Visitors – There’s a lot to think about when you are setting up good business WiFi, such as ensuring it can handle enough website visitors. A lot of people will find the business online and the website is often the first thing they see, so avoiding any problems with visitors accessing the website is vital. It’s also important to ensure the WiFi can handle a lot of people using the connection at once. Otherwise, lagging and buffering may occur.



  • Use Guest WiFi Portals – When it comes to marketing and brand awareness, using guest WiFi portals is hugely beneficial. Guest portals can display company information, logos, branded colours, exclusive deals, social media information and advertisements. Anyone using the WiFi portal will see the marketing message instantly. It’s a good way to market to a large audience, with very little effort.



  • Invest in WiFi Training for Staff – With a lot of people using a WiFi connection, it’s important for staff to know how to troubleshoot basic issues. If someone is struggling to use a guest portal or the WiFi connection is slow, a trained member of staff may be able to fix the issue before it becomes a big inconvenience.



  • Have Professional WiFi Support – Though WiFi is easy to use, staying connected and troubleshooting isn’t always straightforward. When an issue arises, having professional WiFi support is beneficial. Even with good business WiFi, problems can occur and often an experienced team is needed to resolve the issue quickly. You don’t want to be without WiFi for too long.

As a business, having good WiFI is paramount. It’s something that can set you apart from your competitors, by providing both customers and staff with an internet connect they can rely on. At Orbiss, we provide effective and trusted WiFi network solutions for businesses of all sizes.