BT ISDN Switch Off

The BT switch off and how moving to SIP or VOIP will mean significant cost savings

BT have announced that they are turning off their ISDN network for voice calling in 2025 and will stop taking new orders from businesses in 2020. This will include all analogue lines, ISDN2 and ISDN30 – which will be removed from sale in 2023 and the service fully decommissioned by December 2025.

The move away from ISDN to alternative solutions will mean businesses could see savings of up to £200/month, whilst gaining additional features. Using VOIP (Voice over IP) and SIP (phone line carried over a fibre internet connection) creates the ability to easily transfer calls between offices and other locations, to use your business telephone line and extension whilst anywhere in the country and to see which members of your team are available to take calls.

What are the benefits of moving to SIP and VOIP

Cost savings – IP Connections save money and are cost effective and SIP trunks are cheaper than traditional ISDN lines in terms of rental costs and come with all local and national calls for free.

Disaster Recovery – Calls can be diverted immediately or delivered immediately to another site or system, so there is no impact on business operations. SIP trunks can be a critical part of your business’ disaster recovery plan.

Flexibility and scalability – SIP trunks are easy to adjust depending on your requirements and circumstances. If you’re also considering a move to new offices, you can keep your existing telephone number structure, regardless of where you relocate to in the world!

Fraud Prevention – SIP trunks are constantly monitored for unusual call activity, with daily call caps in place – which if reached, disable the SIP trunks immediately.

With our advance technologies and 30 years experience in the industry, we can help you to understand, utilise and benefit from these changes – making you and your business ready for the future.

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