5 Uses Of Telecommunications To Transform Your Business

Excellent communication is a key element of any organisation. Consumers and workers are now fully accustomed to everyday life with technology and have high expectations when it comes to business communications. Using fast, effective and innovative business telephone systems can help you improve a range of areas in your business.


#1 First Class Customer Experience
From that very first call a customer makes they are making a judgement on whether you are a company they can trust and it can all come down to the smallest details. From answer time to hold music and the efficiency when switching to a different department, decisions can be made before you’ve spoken more than a sentence. Making sure you’re business telephone systems are customer focused can grow your customer retention rates and improve customer experience.

#2 Increase Productivity
Businesses are now focused on implementing features that drive employee productivity, whilst also reducing costs. In order for your team to achieve this you need to provide them with the tools to communicate effectively. From advanced call handling to remote working capabilities, you need your telephone network to be dynamic.


3# Real-Time Presence
Knowing who is available and who is not is a vital time saver when it comes to call handling and can also help to improve customer experience. It be the difference between making a sale and losing a customer.

4# Company Growth & Scalability
You need to ensure that your business telephone system is capable of handling company growth.With this in mind, scalability should be an essential feature when choosing your telephone system. Whether you’re moving to a bigger space or adding additional locations and staff, your system must be designed to grow as your business does.


5# Training & Development
In addition to customer experience and worker efficiency, using an advanced telephone system for your business can offer significant benefits which you may not have considered. Call recording.can help you with regulatory requirements and customer service improvement training purposes. Orbiss’s team of communication architects work with you to understand your business needs and focus areas, designing a system that will cater for them.

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