Telecommunications For Start-Up Hotels

Are you opening a new hotel? Whether you’re a chain or a boutique, your telecommunications system will play a vital part in the success of your new venture. See our guide to getting started with your telecommunications system, here:

Telecommunications Services For Your Hotel

When designing your IT package there are a number of services available. Each of these services can be integrated to form a comprehensive package that will cater for all of your communication needs. These services include:

  • Hotel TV – Hotel TV systems are important not just for entertainment, but also to allow your business to grow and deliver outstanding guest experiences. From useful information such as the latest weather forecast, details of nearby restaurants, hotel services and more, to providing access to interactive entertainment, we can help you offer a more personalised, in-room experience, fully customised to your branding. Find out more about Hotel TV, here.
  • Hotel WiFI – reliable WiFi is paramount to a positive guest experience and can improve your hotel IT infrastructure. Using trusted WiFI means you can cope with the demands of business operations and guest expectations – whether it’s providing reliable internet for entertainment purposes or giving business travellers the WiFi they need to work and hold conference calls from their rooms. Find out more about Hospitality WiFi, here.
  • Hotel Phone Systems – Hotel’s telephone systems are vital for business success. Take bookings, keep your guests connected and provide your guests with features such as call queuing and check-in/check-out facilities that will make your hotel stand out. Learn more about Hotel Telephone Systems, here.

Integrate With Your Existing Systems

Our easy adaptable systems can be integrated with your CRM, giving you complete efficiency and overview of your business operations. Integrating with your CRM means that you can automate many of your processes and frees up valuable time and resources. Our expert team can help you install your telecommunications systems and give your team the necessary training to make the most of your new system.

Choose Your Business Telephone System Today

If you’re a start-up hospitality business then our telecommunications experts can help. Our hotel services are delivered by professional IT specialists and can help your business grow! We tailor our packages to your budget, meaning we can cater for businesses of all sizes – from small boutiques to huge chain hotels. To find out more get in touch with our team by calling 01872 561 656 or fill out our contact form, here.