A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Guest Room Phone

Guest Room Phones are an important feature of any hotel room and one which can make the difference between guest satisfaction or disappointment. But with such a huge range of guest room phones, how do you know which one is perfect for your hotel? Find out more about some of the features available and which handset is most suitable for your business, here:

#1 Digital Display

Impress your guests with the latest in smart technology. Our digital display phones allow your guests to view key messages and features on the phone. The Jacob Jensen T60 is ideal for hotels, with programmable buttons as well as a digital display.

#2 Cordless Phones

Your guests will enjoy the freedom of movement that a cordless phone gifts. The VTech CTM-A2411 is a great model for your hotel. The handset has several Hotel friendly features including a clean design with crisp lines. The visually-pleasing phone has a streamlined aesthetic and is great for modernising your hotel!

#3 Programmable Buttons

Save time and resources with our handsets that have the feature of programmable buttons. Program commands with ease that can be activated with one touch! The VTech A2210 is an ideal choice for this feature and is designed with elegant styling.

#4 Retro Handsets

Outfit your hotel rooms with a quirky handset with our retro phone designs! Use a phone that will leave a lasting impression with models like the GPO Carrington Classic Retro Telephone, which features push button dialling, pull-out note-pad tray, authentic bell ringing and a solid, weighty construction.

#5 Speaker Phone

Ideal for conference calls and hands-free functionality, our guest room phones with the speaker phone feature are a popular choice of handset. The VTech CTM-A2411 gives a modern and upgraded guest experience that will impress.

Invest In A New Guest Room Phone Today

Are you thinking of upgrading your guest room phone? If so we have the perfect handset for you! Our experts can work with you to discuss your desired features and requirements, before suggesting the ideal handset for your business. At Orbiss, we have over 35 years’ experience helping businesses design, install and maintain their advanced telephone systems – making us ideally placed to handle every aspect of your phone system from handsets to your communications network.

Our smart features can help businesses delight their customer and grow their organisation. Invest in our industry-leading handsets today and see how we can transform your business now! Call our team on 01872 561 656, email hello@orbiss.co.uk or fill out our enquiry form, here.