Key Considerations When Designing Your Hotel’s Phone Network

For hotels, communication networks are a vital part of their service offering. Not only will a hotel telephone system allow customers to reach and engage with your accommodation, it will also play a pivotal role in providing excellent guest service.

When implementing a new hotel telephone system, or upgrading your existing one, there are a number of key considerations to navigate in order to get the perfect package for your business. See some of our top recommended considerations to think about in the planning of your new network:

#1 Turnaround Time

Is your new telephone package something that can be integrated over time, or do you need it to be up and running as quickly as possible? Advanced network features or the replacement of your existing system can be a lengthy process, so it’s vital you have a clear idea of the timeframe you want the project to be completed in, in order for your engineer to design a suitable package.

#2 Budget

At Orbiss, we work with a variety of businesses and tailor our solutions to your budget – meaning that there will always be the perfect system out there for you! Being upfront about your budget allows us to tailor a bespoke solution that will give you the most value for your money and incorporate as many desired features as possible.

#3 Staff Resources

Do you have a large number of staff who will need to operate the system? Are there likely to be high volumes of new employees who need to adapt to the system in future? Will your team have large amounts of time dedicated to maintaining and using the features that you want implemented within the system? It may be worth investing in an ongoing maintenance package if you require large amounts of training for new hires or if your team is low on resources.

#4 Advanced Features

Do you want your telephone system to be capable of more than just dialling in and out? Our advanced telephone systems include functions like call queuing, automatic alarm reminders, voicemail, door entry, multi-language, child monitoring, CRM integration and more! See more about creating a bespoke phone package, here.

#5 Area Covered

How many room does your hotel have? Do you want your new phone system to cover all of these? Will you need coverage in your lobby and reception areas? Understanding your premises and the scale of your system will help an engineer design the perfect package for you.

Get Your Hotel Phone System Updated Today

With over 35-years experience, Orbiss is ideally placed to help you design your new telephone system. Our experienced engineers will consult with you on all the key considerations for your new telephone network and use the information to design a system that’s bespoke to you. Invest in our industry-leading solutions today and see how we can transform your hotel now! Call our team on 01872 561 656, email or fill out our enquiry form, here.