4 Common Reasons For Poor Hotel WiFi

WiFi connectivity is an important part of your hotel’s daily running. From check-ins and administration, to guest entertainment, it’s important that your WiFi is always running smoothly and able to cope with the demands of your business.

Poor WiFi can have a huge impact on your hotel’s productivity. See some of these common reasons for poor hotel WiFI issues, and find out how to improve your network’s performance today.

#1 Lack Of Bandwidth
With a multitude of guests and staff members logging on to your system through multiple devices, you may experience internet issues with the loading speed being significantly impacted. If your bandwidth isn’t capable of running that volume of devices then your connection will be affected. When you’re thinking about the speed you’ll need, make sure that you take into account all of the guests and team members that will be using it, as well as the type of activity they’ll be running, like downloading attachments or conducting video conferences.

#2 Low Quality Hardware
Without a high quality WiFi access point that’s configured towards enterprise level, you may struggle to cope with the connection that’s needed to cope with a high volume of guests. Using high quality manufactured access points, particularly ones that incorporate a WLAN controller, will help ensure a smooth internet connection to all devices.

#3 Complicated Guest User Experience
Is it simple for your guests to access your internet? If you’re using a guest portal make sure that the user experience is a seamless one. Poor guest WiFi is one of the main reasons for hotel complaints – making it a vital part of your guest experience.

#4 Obstructions & Poor Layout
A poorly-designed network infrastructure can cause issues with transmission. If you’re stretching your network across a space that’s too large, or your access points are in an awkward position, then you may experience interference issues. WiFi access points work best in open spaces, although an engineer will be able to help design a layout that suits your property.

Upgrade Your Hotel WiFi System
If you’re a hotel looking to upgrade your WiFI solution, then get in touch with our friendly team today. Our team will help you improve your current network and ensure a reliable connection that won’t let you down. Contact us now to discuss your requirements and book an initial consultation. Call our team on 01872 561 656, email hello@orbiss.co.uk or fill out our enquiry form, here.