Tips For Designing An Efficient Business Wifi Network

A good wireless network design is imperative to make sure that your chosen business WiFi package can perform effectively. During the planning stage it’s vital to address many key goals of your WiFi network and design an optimum package that meets these requirements.

But how do you design a good network that can deal with the unique challenges of your organisation? See some of our top tips for designing an efficient WiFi network today:

#1 Consider The Number Of Devices

Make sure you’ve mapped out the average number of devices that your WiFi network would need to cater for. No longer can businesses simply design a network for a certain size space – they need to think of the demands from multiple devices within that area.

#2 Make Sure There’s Back-Up Coverage

If you have a particularly important area of your premises, such as an office or technology hotspot, then you need to make sure you can cover the shortfall. A back-up access point installed can cover your signal should any issues arise with your main access point.

#3 Ensure There’s No Interference

If your WiFi channels are sending overlapping signals across the same channel, then you can get a congestion of data which will affect loading speeds. Make sure to take this in mind when designing your network.

#4 Design For Your Surroundings

Take into consideration the environment where your WiFi network will be installed. Are there any physical obstacles or external factors that will impact the strength of your signal? Will the signal need to move between buildings? Through walls?

#5 Think About Roaming

Will your devices be static or will they need to be able to switch between access points at speed? If your equipment needs to roam, then you’ll need to take that in account when designing your network.

#6 Maintain Coverage For Multiple Locations

Are you premises split out across multiple locations? Do you have several buildings on the same premises? Distance will affect your signal, so you may need multiple access points spread across your locations.

Plan Your Wireless Network Today

If your business needs a new WiFi network design, then our expert consultants are on hand to help! We have years of experience designing industry-leading WiFi networks that will help your business grow. Our WiFi designs ensure internet that is fast, reliable and simple to manage. We work with your internal team to identify the factors that will impact your WiFi performance and design unique network solutions for your business to solve these challenges.

Once your network is designed, our expert team can create your package and install your high-performing WiFi equipment. With managed Business IT packages, we can also monitor and maintain your wireless performance to ensure a secure and reliable connection that will allow you to achieve your goals. To find out more get in touch with our team by calling 01872 561 656 or filling out our contact form, here.