Email Security

Email is an essential communication tool for business – but how are you protecting yours?

With an estimated 215.3 billion sent daily in 2016, email is part of our daily life and an essential communication tool for business. So how would you cope if the worst was to happen and something went wrong? Would you be able to manage without it?

Take a look at these three handy steps towards securing your email.


Today spam accounts for two thirds of all emails, 80% of which contain malicious attachments – posing an immediate threat to your business. It’s essential to have an anti-virus with spam detection in place, which only allows genuine emails into your inbox.


By switching to a cloud based system you can help to ensure that you and your staff still have the ability to send and receive email, even when your normal email service is unavailable – keeping you working with less risk of data loss.


Given the importance of business email, being able to store, easily access and retrieve information is critical. Archiving ensures no email is ever lost, is easy to find and frees up space on your server.

Here at Orbiss we provide a service management system that can be combined to provide a total solution to these common problems –you can find out more here or give us a call on 01872 561 656.