5 Emergencies You Need IT Support For

An IT emergency can have a huge impact on your business, so it’s vital you have the support you need should any crisis occur! See some of the top IT issues that could affect your business, and the vital reasons you need to invest in an IT support package for your business:

#1 WiFi Outage

Within hospitality businesses WiFi is an important part of your guests’ experiences and can mean the difference between a happy visit and a dissatisfied stay. Many businesses also operate using a WiFi network only, meaning an outage – no matter how short – can have huge affects on your business and productivity.

#2 Data Breach

With the arrival of GDPR, data protection is even more important than ever. A data breach could see your business highly vulnerable and potentially legally penalised. IT experts will help prevent security attacks and advise on how to handle any data breaches.

#3 Data Loss

Losing data at key periods, such as when backing up your system, can have a huge impact on the productivity of your business. Your Managed IT Support team will be able to back-up data securely, minimising risk, and implement processes such as Cloud software which automatically backs-up data to prevent any loss.

#4 Website Server Down

For many businesses, websites are a huge source of income. If your website is down users can’t view your services or make bookings, and it also can have a negative impact on your company’s reputation. IT support will be able to get your website back up and running quickly in the event of an outage and can provide a monitored service that will be able to spot potential down-time issues before they occur.

#5 Capacity Limitations

If your data storage or bandwidth has reached its capacity, then your business will struggle to take on more data. This could impact your daily operations or prevent your business from growing. IT support will be able to resolve this and can implement measures that will allow your business to scale flexibly as needed.

Get Bespoke IT Support Today

If your business is looking for support with your IT system, then our experts can help! Our IT support packages mean that your business can enjoy extra IT security, with our specialists, minimising risk, preventing issues arising and working to resolve any problems if they occur.

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