5 Signs Your Business Needs to Invest In Wifi

Keeping your organisation connected is one of the most vital parts of daily business operations. A poor WiFi package can mean the difference between business success, growth and advancement or failure.

But how do you know if your organisation’s WiFi is performing to standard? And can you recognise the signs that you need to invest more in your Business WiFi infrastructure? See some of our top tips for recognising when your WiFi is underperforming, here:

#1 Your Business Is Suffering Slow Loading Speeds

One of the most obvious signs of poor WiFI is slow loading speed. Not only do slow loading speeds lead to employee and client frustration, but they can also drastically affect your business’ productivity.

#2 Signal Keeps Dropping

If your WiFi signal keeps dropping in and out or is completely absent in certain areas of your building, then you may need to improve your WiFi. Loss of signal could be based on poor network design, or if there are signal obstacles in the way of your network. A specialist consultant will be able to design a bespoke network for you that will deal with the unique challenges of your organisation.

#3 You’re Not Utilising Cloud-based Software

Cloud-based software is an innovative software that allows you to share data internally with ease. It’s ideal for allowing your employees to work remotely and for multiple employees working on one project at the same time. Cloud-based software all takes place over the internet, meaning your business needs a high performing WiFi infrastructure to run the software effectively.

#4 Your WiFi Can’t Cope With The Demand Of Devices

Multiple devices can put a strain on your WiFi capabilities. If your organisation is using a high volume of devices, your network may struggle to keep up the demand of this. Investing in a high performing WiFi package will allow you to use unlimited devices without interruptions.

#5 Customer Response Times Are Unsatisfactory

Customers place increasing dependency on quick response and resolutions to their communication. Delayed response time can lead to dissatisfied clients, but responding to them can also be a huge drain on resources. Efficient WiFi can help this, with WiFi-enabled communications ensuring that customer response times are reduced, whilst also preventing your team from being tethered to their desks! A communication solution such as WiFi-enabled Softphones, Messaging and Collaborative Apps will provide unrestricted contact with customers whilst unlocking resource to focus on other areas of your business.

Invest In Business WiFi Today

If your business shows sign of needing WiFi investment, then our experts can help! Our WiFi packages offer internet access that’s fast, reliable and simple to manage. We work with your internal team to identify the factors that will impact your WiFi performance and design unique solutions for your business to solve these challenges. We utilise several forms of connection including Business Broadband, Superfast Fibre and Managed Services such as Leased Lines. To find out more get in touch with our team by calling 01872 561 656 or filling out our contact form, here.