Choosing the right phone system for your business

The way you’re able to handle telephone calls tells customers a lot about how you run your company, leaving an impression that could make the difference between winning or losing a potential client or contract.

This makes finding the right set up for your office that offers all the features and specifications you require essential. So what are the main types of phone systems to choose from?

On-premise systems

As the name suggests, this means your phone system is a physical device located at your premises which is either owned or leased by the company. This form of set up enables you to have a phone system installed on site, dedicated to your business and will connect to the national network using SIP, ISDN or analogue lines.

Cloud handsets

Otherwise known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), this set up connects to a phone system hosted at a data centre using your internet connection, then breaking out onto the national network using a SIP trunk. Being cloud based, there’s no physical hardware to install and you can enjoy all the features of a traditional phone system from any location – making it easy to take the office on the road.

A hybrid system

A hybrid set up combines the above two systems, allowing you to have cloud handsets connecting to a data centre using your internet connection and an on-premise system as a back-up or local break out on existing ISDN or analogue lines.

With good communication essential for all businesses, there are many factors to consider that will effect which of the above systems will be most suitable for your needs. These include:

  • How many locations does your business requires phones for
  • How many employees do you currently have and do you have any plans to expand the business
  • Whether you have employees working remotely
  • Whether you need the system to integrate with your PCs or CRM
  • Whether you require any type of walk about handsets or WiFi
  • What features you’re looking for – such as call recording, call analytics, mobility, auto attendant, voicemail to email or click to call for your PCs.

The next step

Taking all these pieces of information into account when trying to find the right system for your requirements can be difficult. Our team of experts will ensure you choose the right solution for your business. If you’re ready to find the perfect phone system, why not get in touch?