Smart TV for Hotels

Hospitality-class Smart TV: simple, profitable, secure

Guests’ expectations about in-room entertainment are changing, fast; it’s increasingly difficult for hotel owners to match — let alone exceed — the experience customers are used to at home. 

SmartupTV gives hoteliers the opportunity to reclaim the “wow” of great guestroom entertainment. Great on-demand services like Netflix and BBC iPlayer, integration with guests’ own tablets, laptops or phones, in-room WiFi access and personalised hotel services… all easier to use than at home, and without even buying a new TV set.

Television your guests demand

In a competitive market, guestroom television is no longer enough. Guests want on-demand services like Netflix, Spotify, and BBC iPlayer — or to view their own content, mirrored or streamed from a laptop or mobile device. A SmartupTV box makes all this easy — using your existing HD-ready TV — and can give them a secure, wireless Internet connection too.

Hospitality in mind

As some hotels have discovered to their cost, domestic smart TV boxes simply aren’t suitable for hospitality use. SmartupTV is secure, low-maintenance and integrates with your brand, marketing and property management system – so your guests can see personalised hotel information and services… and not each other’s email.

The UK’s hotel TV experts

At Orbiss, we’ve spent decades bringing guest-room entertainment to hundreds of hotels throughout the UK — so we understand the unique needs and challenges of providing great hospitality. We’ll work discreetly, minimise disruption to guests, and can help you get the best possible value from your investment.

Why choose SmartUpTV from Orbiss for your Hotel?

Literally hundreds of apps; TV on demand services, games, music, internet radio, multimedia, Google Maps… as well as all their favourite social networks, and the chance to interact with the hotel, such as making a restaurant booking, ordering room service, or reviewing their bill.
Both for the guest, and for you. A gyroscopic remote with a full QWERTY keyboard means they can easily type messages, or simply point at the screen and click – with no frustrating scrolling or up/down/left/right commands. And it’s easy to update hotel information with the latest promotions and messages.
If your TV screen is HD ready (if it has an HDMI port), and there’s an internet connection in the room (wireless or Ethernet) you’re ready to go. There’s no need to spend out on in expensive new smart TV sets for each room, or the on-site server you’d need to make them work.
There’s no need to invest in a separate WiFi access point; the SmartupTV box gives the guest a secure, in-room WiFi bubble – and also lets them connect wirelessly to the TV, so they can view their own device and content on the screen.
Guests with content saved on their laptops, tablets and smartphones can easily connect, and view it on the big screen.
Naturally, in-room Smart TV is a selling point to potential customers in itself, but it can also generate extra revenue once guests arrive. Your branded portal page can feature promotional messages and videos, and enable food and leisure reservations through the TV. If you’ve a special announcement or event, you even can alert guests in real time from your tablet… and if you wish, you can offer an extra, paid-for premium internet or movie upgrade.
The smartupbox is designed for the rigours of hospitality. It’s tough, unobtrusive, and tamper-proof and guests’ personal details, usernames, usage history and passwords are deleted after use. You can monitor and manage the boxes centrally, and ongoing usage costs are low.
We’re experts in hotel TV – so we’ll understand your vision, without interfering with your guests, or compromising your unique design… and if you want to provide extra satellite, Freeview or movie content, no problem: that’s what we do. And of course, with hundreds of satisfied hotel and hospitality clients, we know you work 24/7… so we do, too.
Want to find out whether SmartUpTV's right for your hotel? Give us a call ... 01872 561 656, or send us a message.