Connect Social WiFi

Free WiFi is one of the first things guests look for when choosing a hotel, and it's increasingly expected of bars, restaurants, venues, shops, and any number of businesses.

Connect Social WiFi goes further, and turns wireless guest Internet into a marketing opportunity. Customers use social media accounts to log in to a portal — matched to your branding — giving you a wealth of personal data and contact information for everyone who uses your WiFi... and the opportunity to offer personalised, targeted information and deals.

Your customers are already accustomed to using their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts to access services, so logging into your WiFi the same way is simple and familiar... and as a business, the opportunities are huge.

Get closer, sell more

You may have email addresses for lead bookers, but with Connect Social WiFi you'll have details for everyone who logs in. And not just contact details — a typical login will give you birthdays, relationships, hobbies and more. Powerful data collection means smarter marketing, laser-targeted emails, and offers that sell.

Turn passing trade into repeat business

Connect Social WiFi is perfect for drawing customers' attention to special offers, sales, and last minute availability through social media, text messaging and your login page - and keeping in touch to tempt them to return.

Fully customisable portal and apps

You can customise your own login portal, offering up-to-the-minute information and offers, reflecting your branding, and including a wide variety of Android apps... including an app of your own.

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Why choose Orbiss Connect Social WiFi?

If you already have good WiFi with capable access points and switches, there'll be no extra wires or boxes to add - Connect Social WiFi is a software package and sits on top of what you already have.
Your customer’s knocked out by your amazing service, location, room, or meal. What better time to gently nudge them towards telling all their friends online? With Connect Social WiFi they can be your Facebook page as soon as they log in.
You can use targeted emails, social media messages and banners on your fully customisable login portal to draw customers' attention to special offers, facilities and last minute availability — helping each one to enjoy their experience, and of course spend a little more while they’re under your roof.

With Connect Social WiFi's powerful analytics and dashboard, you can gather, export, filter and analyse your customers’ social profile information – and also understand their WiFi usage while they’re on site, so you know where and when they tend to go online.

Analytics in Connect Social WiFi give you a clear picture of your recent customers. That makes it easy to find new ones – for example, by setting Facebook advertising to target people who have similar ages, interests, locations and demographics to your existing list. 
Imagine the impact on, for example, wedding bookings if you knew when former customers got engaged and sent them a congratulatory message (along with details of everything you can offer for wedding receptions). Not to mention all the parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles and friends...

Giving the public freedom to roam wherever they like online can be a minefield. With Orbiss Connect Social WiFi, you can protect yourself with a legal terms of use, prevent customers dominating your internet bandwidth and stop people looking at harmful sites – including your competition.

Select customised and off-the-shelf apps to give your customers the perfect experience... and give yourself the best marketing opportunities. 
Want to find out whether Connect Social WiFi is right for your business? Give us a call on 01872 561 656, or send us a message.