GPO 200 Handset

Cost per handset:

£58.00 + VAT or less

  • This classic telephone is a re-design and is inspired by the classic Bakelite telephone.
  • This classic phone offers traditional features, such as authentic bell ring, rotary dialling and cloth curly cord.
  • The touch-tone corded phone comes with Ringer On / Off switch.
  • The landline telephone has a metal base and handset which gives it a solid, weighty feel and adds to its durability.
  • Compatible with modern telephone banking switchboard, this analogue telephone works with all analogue and digital home networks, such as BT and Virgin.
  • Small Footprint

Authentic bell ring

Metal base and handset

Traditional rotary dialling

Traditional cloth handset curly cord

Solid, weighty construction Ringer on / off switch

Compatible with modern telephone banking