Hotel Room Movies and HD TV

With rapidly advancing technology in television and home cinema, even the best hotels can struggle to match guests’ expectations — let alone surpass them. Our next-generation digital entertainment system, Clarity, is perfect for hoteliers wishing to provide first-class facilities for sophisticated customers used to Smart TV, live streaming movies and Freeview HD. And with constant system enhancements and no need to be wedded to a long, cumbersome contract, Clarity keeps you ahead — whatever tomorrow’s guests may desire.

The best seats in the house

Clarity delivers big-name movies your guests will be excited to watch – hot from the cinema, and many months before Satellite TV – alongside a full range of worldwide TV. And because the Clarity system uses fully digital IPTV, every room can expect the same, breathtaking HD quality.

No slow internet downloads

Clarity’s on-demand video content is stored on your premises, so it’s instantly available – to every room at once, if need be. Your guests won’t need to wait for buffering or downloads, and your hotel’s broadband connection isn’t squeezed; no matter how many movies are being watched.

Hospitality in mind

Building upon our long experience of providing communication and entertainment networks for hotels, Clarity is a professional system, created for the realities of the hospitality industry. Vital, hotel-specific features, like Front of House integration and – crucially – automatically clearing viewing history between each guest and the next, are simply built in.

Clarity is already delighting some of the world’s most demanding hotel guests; giving an experience that just doesn’t merely equal what they have at home, but surpasses it.

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